Coin Operated Machines

Newer Coin Operated Machines - from $2.00

Our newer washing machines and dryers give greater care to your clothes, plus they are more green energy efficient.

Do your laundry while reading a good book, watching our big screen TV's or just surfing the internet.

Voted Cleanest Laundromat in the State!

Fully Staffed Location

If we're open, we have an attendent available! We are here to answer any questions about our services or equipment..

Wash - Dry - Fold - from $1.09 per pound

Clothing: 1.09 a pound, 10 pound minimum.

Comforters and Sleeping Bags: $12.95 - up to 8 pounds $1.00 more per pound after 8 pounds.

Down Comforters: $20.00 - up to 8 pounds. $1.00 more per pound after 8 pounds

Rugs: $1.59 per pound, 8 pound minimum. .


Students and Seniors
welcome here at Smith's Laundromat

No Job Too Large - No Machine Too Small!

Just joking a bit, however some of our equipment are large commecial grade machines that are designed to handle rugs, comforters and even hotel and hospital sized loads. These large commercial machines insure a thorough cleaning of whatever you are laundering. Where do you think these local businesses go when their machines break? They come to Smith's Laundromat!